Great Gifts for a Great Dad!

Gift Ideas For Father's Day 2020

June 21, 2020 is already Father’s Day! Do you have the coolest, strongest and funniest dad in the universe? Then this is the perfect occasion to surprise him. There are many possibilities, from the gift of his dreams to a nice card, to a nice beer. You haven’t found his gift yet? Let yourself be guided by our advice that will make this day unforgettable!

For Dads Who Like Good Things

The sun has already shown the tip of its nose… These spring days already look like summer and soon we will be able to enjoy beautiful sunny days again. What inevitably pleases your father when it is over 20°C? Yes you have it, a good beer to enjoy in the sun!

Would you like to surprise him with an original gift? Make him travel while staying in the living room by offering him delicious foreign beers. Discover our Dutch, Belgian and German beer boxes or our selection of beers from around the world. Add a nice picture of your dad and a sweet note for an even more personal gift.

Tip for an even better tasting experience: prepare some appetizers or take out a good sausage, all presented on a cutting board with his name on it.

For Dads Who Always Lose Their Keys

Every day you hear him moaning because he can’t find his keys? Give him a gift that will not only please him but also be of service to him: a key ring is THE gift he needs like عطور اون لاين. Choose a picture of the two of you (or the whole family) and in just a few clicks you’ll get a unique and original key ring. Since it’s a small gift, you can have fun hiding it in a large box filled with paper. Be careful, don’t lose it, it would be a bit silly ;).

For Dads Leaving Home From Work

Your daddy works a lot and you want to give him a gift that will be useful to him? How about a mouse pad with a nice picture on it, or maybe a magic mug? When he drinks his tea or coffee, your personalization will appear as if by magic! To make his workday even more fun, you can also offer him a poster to hang above his desk, with photos or a motivating quote.

For Dads Who Love Original Socks

New in our assortment, here’s the perfect gift for dads who love socks: socks with a photo! Choose the illustrations that will suit him best and add a photo of a nice souvenir together. Did you know that? Only cool dads wear socks with pictures of their kids on them.

For Dads Who Love to Hang Out on the Couch

Are you used to watching a lot of movies and series at home? If your dad loves to hang out on the couch and sometimes even take a nap on it, then he’ll be more than happy to have his own cushion! A nice colorful cushion with his name on it and a funny picture, so no one can take it away from him. He can even use it for his back if he works sitting all day long.

For Dads Who Love to Snack

Your daddy is a real gourmet, always with a candy in his mouth? Then replenish his stock of chocolates 😉 Discover our wide range of chocolates to be personalized with text but also with photos. To make your gift more fun you can for example choose the chocolate puzzle and put the pieces in disorder before giving it to him. If your dad is more of an aperitif drinker, offer him a good beer or a bottle of wine to accompany his tasting.

For the Strongest of Dads: A Diploma!

Whether it is to congratulate him for everything he does for you on a daily basis, or to sublimate a drawing that you or your little ones have created, it deserves a frame to hang. A diploma from the best dad to remind him how strong he is.

For Super-Powered Dads

Is your dad your hero? Surprise him with this adorable Ollimania book, “Papa, that hero”. Your daddy becomes the hero of this story, alongside the elephant Olli. The book also contains a certificate of Super Papa. Add his first name and create a gift he will love.

If you want to thank him for all the attention he gives you, discover our book “Dear Dad”, illustrated by Lucy. Whether you are an only child or a small tribe, you can fill in all your first names as well as your dad’s name. All together you are the heroes of this adorable story with colorful illustrations. This book is a very special gift like شراء هدايا that binds you and your dad.